Renew Your Marriage

After putting thoughts of divorce aside for the holidays, unhappy husbands and wives file more divorce papers in January than in any other month. There’s a reason January is known as “divorce month” to many family lawyers.

Most spouses who file don’t want to put their children, partners or families through the trauma of a divorce over the holidays.

Others who file do so after contemplating new year goals or see divorce as their first step toward becoming happy.

Here is some inspiration for renewing your marriage.

In some cases, divorce may be the best option for husbands and wives in a difficult or dangerous marriage. Domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and chronic infidelity — among other things — are certainly legitimate grounds for considering separating in the new year. But for those who are married with children, and whose marriages are not marked by serious conflict (domestic violence or chronic hostility), there is another option.

Marriage Renewal.

Look at one husband’s words of renewal to his wife:

“I promise to encourage your compassion,
Because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.
I promise to nurture your dreams,
Because through them your soul shines.
I promise to help shoulder our challenges,
For there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together.
I promise to be your partner in all things,
Not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole.
Lastly, I promise to you perfect love and perfect trust,
For one lifetime with you could never be enough.
This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things.”

What would you want to renew in your marriage? What would your spouse want to renew?

Do Marriages Return from the Brink of Divorce?

Yes!  We’ve seen it!  We’ve watched couples renew their love!

You wouldn’t trust your health to just anybody.  When it comes to your marriage, the future of your family, your choice has to be about more than cost.  Choose a therapist that focuses their work and professional development on marriages and families.  Visit our client portal to select a therapist with available times that match your needs.

What if we need more than an hour a week?

When couples are in crisis or have entrenched negative patterns, and divorce seems imminent, weekly sessions aren’t enough.  You have the option of 2, 3 or 4-hour intensive sessions.  If you have any questions about intensives, feel free to call our director Elizabeth Davis, MA, LPC-S at 972.979.3988.

We believe in the power of the intensive experience to be able to understand how relationships work, how your conflict will prove to you that you’re actually in the right marriage, and what you can do to make your marriage a happy one. In addition to the education you will receive, you will also experience new processes that will help you see your spouse in a new way. You will know that change is possible when you feel heard and when you can talk about painful feelings or issues without storming out of the room.