Premarital Counseling

Are you super excited to marry your best friend?

Are you also slightly nervous that there are bigger issues, heavy topics or uncharted waters the two of you have avoided?

You’re not alone. As you plan for your most fun, love-filled + memorable day … it’s super normal to feel a lot of different things.

Let’s get you two talking + let’s get you two on the same page.

SEX? Kids? Finances? Careers? Love? In-laws? Fighting style?

We get the conversations started in a safe, supportive + casual environment. Getting you prepped to walk down the aisle with confidence + bliss is our #1 goal!

Walk Down the Aisle with Confidence & Bliss

Clarity, ease, connection.  Goals, grit, and growth.  A premarital relationship is such a gift, and brimming with possibility.

But, let me tell you–after all my experience in working with couples the #1 issue I hear from married couples is, “we can’t communicate with each other. Our fights go round and round.  Help us to make ourselves heard and understood.”

I totally get it.  It sounds basic, but communication skills? Oh, so big.

Let’s get you off on the best foot possible, with the most effective communication skills available for your toolbox.

I promise, with the love you two have for each other, and the tools and training I’ll prep you with, there will be nothing stopping you two from reaching your goals!

You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer. At Embrace New Life, our counselors offer The SYMBIS Assessment to dating or engaged couples to create a personalized road map to making your relationship and marriage everything it was meant to be.

If you have any questions about Premarital Assessments or Premarital Counseling packages, please call us at 972.292.7092.

The divorce rate in our country hovers around 50%. More often than not, engaged couples spend lots of time and money preparing for the wedding with only minimal attention given to preparing for the marriage relationship itself. We believe that investment in premarital counseling is an investment for the success of the marriage.

The SYMBIS Assessment and the Mini-Package, 3 sessions – $450. The full package is 8 sessions – $1200.

A recent study indicates that premarital counseling can:

  • Increase the levels of marital satisfaction,

  • Decrease the levels of destructive conflicts

  • Increase the levels of interpersonal commitment between spouses