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We care about what is most important to you
your marriage, children, & well-being. Our award-winning, family-trusted counselors & coaches are hand-selected because they are the best at what they do – providing EXPERT & CONFIDENTIAL Care. We believe people are created holistically: mind, body & soul. Our multidisciplinary team promotes mental health and well-being through collaborative care for the whole person, for the whole family. Why Us? We provide holistic
care in a home-like setting. We always protect your privacy and are preferred by Pediatricians, Physicians, First Responders & Professional families. We offer EN/ES bilingual care. Find us Ranked #1 on Psychology Today!

Rockwall/Heath | Royse City | Greenville


Call/Text: 972.292.7092 EN/ES

Child, Teen, Adult, Couple & Family-focused Care

We are a private, community-based, counseling center that offers evidence-based counseling to strengthen and repair relationships and improve individual health and wellness. WHY COUNSELING? WHY EMBRACE? We offer experienced guidance and come along side children, teens, adults, couples & families that are facing a change or challenge, are stuck, isolated, in distress or that need a healthy perspective. We are the counseling center that others try to emulate and imitate. Those that we work with experience and know, we are inimitable – we can’t be matched! We are faith-friendly and honor Torah and Biblical principals in our counsel. Our work centers on best interest of children and promotes health, strength, peace and loving civility within families and communities.

25 Noble Court
Heath, Tx 75032

118 E. Main Street
Royse City, Tx 75189

2410 Lee Street
Greenville, Tx 75401

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Call or Text: 972.292.7092 EN/ES

Dr. Leti Cavazos, LCSW, LCDC


Dr. Yesim Saatci, NCC, LPC


Dr. David Foster


Megan Green, MEd, LPC


Jenna Moore, PhD ABD

Doctoral Counseling Resident

Sophie Gonsoulin, LCSW, EMDR


Edward Luna, MA, LPC, EMDR


Blaine Stephens, MS, NCC, LPC


Isabel Fink, MA, LMFT-A


Adrianna Molina, MS, LPC Associate


Melissa Holt, MS, LPC-A


Elza Eapen, MS, LPC-A


David Wittkopf, LCDC Intern


Shann Davis, MA, APSAT

Life Counselor

Jennifer Fortner, BA, AACC

Life Counselor

Emilie Quisenberry, BA, AACC

Life Counselor & Wellness Coach

Lisa Jenkins-Moore, MA

Life Counselor

Christopher M. Landry, BS

Life Counselor

Hilda McClure, MA LPC Associate


Research-based Models | Counseling & Therapy | Embrace New Life

Research-based Models
Gain Tools to Improve Your Relationship

We curate the best in our field (across the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Pragmatic Experiential Couples Therapy, P.A.C.T. and Discernment Counseling). Put simply, whatever you’re going through, we know ways to help.

Christian Online Marriage Counseling

Focused on Couples & Families
Work with an Expert Who’s Seen it All

We see couples at all stages and at all impasses. We’ve seen it all. We offer Couples Counseling & Marriage Therapy sessions for ongoing growth and support. And our Intensives distill decades of expertise into a game-­changing 1 to 3 days.

Marriage Counseling Near Me

2 Hour to Multi-Day
Get Farther Faster

Embrace New Life is for couples that want to leave no stone unturned. Our shortest sessions are 50 minutes but 2-hour sessions are the norm to deal with core issues. We teach tangible tools to grow and repair together. We tailor services to your needs & schedule.

We all have a deep need to be loved and to belong.
If these needs aren’t met, we hurt and sometimes hurt others.

Let us help you get unmet needs met.

Individuals | Couples | Preteen & Teens | Children | Family Counseling, Coaching, Consulting & Classes

Individual Counseling


  • Anxiety, panic

  • Balance, life & work

  • Body Image, disordered eating

  • Confidence, esteem

  • Depression, loss

  • Divorce, recovery

  • Trauma, healing

Christian Couples Counseling


  • Brief, Solution-Focused

  • Based on Gottman, EFT’s Sue Johnson, Tatkin & Stanford University

  • Specific, with attainable therapeutic goals

  • Designed with “healthy family” in mind

Preteen & Teen Counseling

Preteens & Teens:

  • We offer a variety of counseling, coaching, and classes to increase your teen’s positivity & resilience

  • We offer mind/body techniques and training to lower your teen’s stress and anxiety

We provide Play Therapy that promotes Developmental & Behavioral Transformations that affirm your faith, & health, and family values!

Play Therapy

Embrace New Life
is a
Safe Haven
for your life, your family and your marriage.

Our staff offer day, evening, Saturday & Sunday hours.

Embrace New Life Counseling & Consulting | Rockwall Heath Counseling and Wellness

Embrace New Life Counseling & Consulting | Rockwall Heath Counseling and Wellness

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Convenient, Confidential, & Compassionate Care
Online Therapy

Emotional, Behavioral, Relational
Health & Wellness Therapy Online

Work with one of our hand-selected, licensed therapists to sort through painful emotions, problem-solve behaviors, and improve relationships. Embrace a New, more fulfilling Life. Get professional mental health at your convenience. Day, Evenings, Weekends, Bilingual EN/ES

  • Affordable, Fits Your Budget
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