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Are you, your relationship, family or teen experiencing stress? a lack of direction? or even conflict? Do you feel like no one understands?

Our therapists may not have walked a mile in your shoes but we can guarantee, we’ve likely tried them on or may have even run a marathon in them. We “get it”. We get the realities of life, the realities of human relationships, and the challenges of our modern zeitgeist (spirit of the age).

We use therapeutic techniques that protect your dignity, guide you as you overcome the source of your frustration or pain, and gain strength through the process. Today is the perfect day to Start Your New Life !

We have helped many couples and families. Our counselors and life coaches are here to help you. Call us today at 972.292.7092 or email Lola, our Intake Specialist, at Lola@EmbraceNewLife.com .

Richardson, TX Counseling Services

Richardson, TX Counseling Services
Embrace New Life therapists are hand selected and community preferred in Richardson, TX as they consistently provide stellar services in helping individuals and families find harmony, strength and healing.

Embrace New Life Counseling & Consulting offers individual, couples, family and group therapy in the Richardson, Texas area for children, adolescents and adults.

Richardson, TX Therapy Services we offer:

Richardson Marriage Therapy
Marriage therapy may be focused on enrichment of healthy relationships or improving certain aspects of otherwise healthy marriages.ย  >more

Richardson Couples in Crisis
Before you make a decision that will potentially impact so many lives so significantly, see one of our counselors and tap into the resources and intensive weekends we have to offer. >more

Richardson Counseling Blended FamiliesRichardson Blended Families
With special insights and an intentional approach to family life, blended families can be healthy, exciting and rewarding. >more

Richardson Christian Counseling
Upon your request, we offer Biblical counseling to enable you to make desired change against the backdrop of Biblical Truth. >more

Richardson Teen CounselingRichardson Adolescents
Modern teens struggle with more complex issues earlier in life than perhaps at any other time in history. >more

Richardson Children
We provide a variety of counseling for children who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma and behavioral problems.ย  >more

Richardson Women’s & Men Issues
If you feel stuck or find yourself struggling, give us a call.ย  Let’s Talk!โ„ข >more

Richardson Affair Recovery
Life after infidelity – whether relational, financial or other –ย  is complex for both parties.ย  It is critical that you have an experienced counselor who understands the trauma and the healing process. Don’t make these 15 mistakes >more

Richardson Couples CounselingRichardson Premarital Therapy
We provide SYMBISโ„ข Premarital Counseling.ย  This counseling increases the success rate by showing you early how to build lifelong love. >more

Richardson Re-marriage Therapy
Rather than approaching a new relationship with fear you can learn to master new skills to increase positive results.

Email Lola at Embrace New Lifeย  or call her at 972.292.7092 for more information about our Richardson , TX Counseling Services!

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