Job Openings

Contract Positions for experienced LPCs specializing in marriages – communication, strengthening the bond, and affair recovery.  Starting at $45.00 / hour, DOE.

  • LCSWs & LMFTs welcome to apply.
  • Professional Life Coaches (PLCs) credentialed through the American Association of Christian Counselors & Light University are welcome to apply for coaching positions for teens, adults and entrepreneurs.  If you have Re-Engage experience and are a Life Coach credentialed through AACC, then you are eligible to coach couples.


  • Graduate GPA 3.5 or above

  • Letter of Recommendation from Professor or Spouse

  • Open to canine or equine therapy modalities

  • Openness to national or international humanitarian work

Masters Level LPC Interns

Congratulations on finishing your graduate studies and practicum!  You are now in the exciting apprentice stage and are on your way to the independent practice of counseling.  I am a state licensed LPC-Supervisor and have 4 openings for interns at this time.

Because the supervisor-supervisee relationship is a collegial one, the specifics of the Supervision Contract and evaluations are a collaborative process, the details mutually negotiated and agreed upon by supervisor and supervisee. Together we will seek to clarify our expectations, goals, process, and outcomes to work together to maximize the effectiveness of this joint venture and to account for the well­being of the clients.

I am interested in working with interns that are gaining their hours in a hospital, clinic or private practice setting primarily working with an adult population.  I am selective of those that work in a community setting and do not supervise interns that work in a public school or church counseling setting.  I believe that the training experience that a hospital, clinic or evidence-based private practice provides is superior to those learning experiences offered in a general community, church, or school settings for independent work with adults.  Again, this is my professional opinion and preference.  It is my opinion that the structure and experience of interning in an environment operating under the oversight of or in alignment with the Joint Commission: Accreditation, Health Care, Certification (JCAHO) is invaluable in setting the stage for future safe, quality, and ethical care.  Internships at public schools and churches, in my opinion, do not provide adequate professional oversight in the area of adult psychological care.

For those interns that are interested in working with children and interning in a school, I would recommend finding a school district that has a District of Innovation Program with an LPC-S on site.  But again, I only work with and supervise interns that work with an adult population.

A post-internship career in a community, school or church based counseling center is noble work, and this internship can be combined with other LPC-S supervision to provide you with a well-rounded, quality internship experience.

If you are an LPC-Intern in a hospital, clinical, evidence-based private practice setting and in need of a supervisor, call me today and we can talk about your goals and internship needs.  Call 972.979.3988!

Remember, You’ve Got This!

Application Process

  • Email graduate transcript & recommendation letter

  • Phone screening & interview scheduled

  • Interview & Contract Negotiation

  • Contract, Supervision Notebook Assembly & Scheduling