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At Embrace New Life we understand that setting your first appointment with a counselor or coach can be overwhelming, so we want to make the process as warm and welcoming as possible. Your life, marriage and family are too important to wait, so reach out to us today!

Meet Lola, Our Office Manager


Lola Hanes Services Contact
  • Discuss counselor and coach specialties

  • Match counselor or coach with your availability

  • Answer insurance, fee & billing questions

  • Assist with online client portal questions

  • Answer workshop & special event questions

AACC Life Coach

$8500per hour

LPC Intern

$90-10000per hour


$110-12000per hour





Steps to Get Started!

  • Determine the Level of Support (LS) you need:
    • Level 1 – Life Coaches
      • Their focus is on subclinical (not acute or severe) and functional issues.
      • They are focused on the present NOW and the future.ย  They have little need to visit your past.
      • They provide structure and help develop a roadmap to meet your life goals.
      • Their focus is on GROWTH.
    • Level 2 – Counselors (LPC Intern, LPC, LMFT, LCSW)
      • Their focus is on clinical (sometimes acute or severe) and dysfunctional issues.
      • They are focused on the problem formation (past as it relates to present symptoms) and getting you to a healthy NOW.ย  They at times have to visit your past to resolve rooted issues perpetuating a problem today.
      • They provide an evidence-based treatment plan to resolve your issue(s).
      • Their focus is on HEALING.

Note: Counselors may step you down to Level 1 care with a Life Coach and Life Coach may step you up to Level 2 care with a Counselor, as needed.

  • Check out Life Coach & Counselor Availability at:
  • In the client portal, select your Life Coach or Counselor, select a time that meets your need, and complete appointment request.
    • The system will alert the Life Coach or Counselor who will accept your appointment request.
    • The system will send you an email with the following:
      • Digital HIPAA, Informed Consent, and Practice Policies for online signature.
      • An Intake Form to be completed online.

Note: All these must be completed prior to your appointment.

  • If you are coming in as a couple, only one will need to complete the steps above and the email will provide additional details on how to register your spouse in the client portal.
  • If you are coming in for EMDR with Elizabeth, please complete the EMDR Packet.
    • Please have your physician complete Medical Authorization Forms 1 & 2 prior to seeing Elizabeth.
    • Please bring the completed packet to your first EMDR counseling session.



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