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High Conflict Couples

Couples that we work with are often experiencing a lot of conflict in their relationship. Some have seen other counselors who list relationship counseling in their profiles but who are inexperienced or untrained specifically in couples counseling. For others it is their first attempt at marriage counseling.

You need a counselor that is experienced in not picking sides or looking to place blame – but one that will fight for a strong and healthy attachment bond.

The pattern of conflict and hurts that predate you are the real enemy of your relationship, not your partner. Let Embrace New Life couples counselors help you map your conflict pattern, old hurts and the road map to healing. By our fourth session together you will leave with a visual guide to use out of session to start freeing your relationship from conflict. Our work together will choreograph and strengthen the new pattern, a connection that is healthier and more satisfying for you both.

The method of marriage therapy that we use combines Emotion-Focused Therapy, PACT, and the Gottman Method.

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Sexual Difficulties

Sexology has come a long way since Masters & Johnson. The typical questions of ‘how many times have you had intercourse this week, this month?’ or ‘what is your rate of orgasm or erectile dysfunction?’ create a quantitative lens to sex that discounts the emotional, spiritual, and mental dimensions of couples.

The route to sexual pleasure and intimacy is like the route to any other of lifeโ€™s mysteries. It means exploring a multidimensional landscape. It means opening your vulnerable self to nature, to spirituality, and the profound wisdom of your body.

The type of sex therapy that we provide is based on the PLISSIT model and the work of Dr. Gina Ogden. This work is narrative based and allows couples to explore their own story from all four perspectives of body, mind, heart and spirit. It is a process where the couple can explore what they want to keep and grow, and what they want to release. This often includes parts of their story from childhood and early adulthood. This model allows for a gentle and supportive processing of sexual trauma of either spouse.

The process is confidential, empathic, and respectful. The take-homes from our work together will be the discovery of a new sexual story, new healing and new joy. Make an appointment today.

Marriage Intensives

Sometimes a hurting relationship needs more than just an hour a week with a licensed therapist.

Marriage Intensives are for couples in a severe crisis situation or for couples in need of a breakthrough.

Intensives can range from 2 to 6-hour sessions. If you have any questions about Marriage Intensives, please call Lola our Intake Specialist at 972.292.7092.