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My therapist agrees, You are a Narcissist!


ย  If there was one psychological word overused, misused, and used to abuse โ€“ it is the word 'Narcissist'. It is a term most commonly used to describe a self-absorbed individual or as a short form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Some build practices and careers around this term, but the [...]

My therapist agrees, You are a Narcissist!2022-07-29T09:30:32-05:00

Does Marriage Counseling Work?


Couples often come to marriage or relationship counseling after trying to make changes on their own. Couples struggling with intimacy, communication, infidelity, or other issues often wonder if couples therapy or marriage counseling works. There are indeed couples who have succeeded and couples who have failed at overcoming challenges with counseling or [...]

Does Marriage Counseling Work?2022-05-14T13:13:32-05:00

Three Reasons to Renew Your Marriage


Three Reasons to Renew Your Marriage For those who are married with children, and whose marriages are not marked by serious conflict (domestic violence, chronic hostility or chronic infidelity), there are at least three reasons to push the pause button before heading for divorce court. #1. Consider the Kids. Though itโ€™s true that [...]

Three Reasons to Renew Your Marriage2017-12-09T22:56:09-05:00

How to Help Your Spouse Calm Down


How to Help Your Spouse Calm Down We don't intentionally trigger fear in our spouse.ย  And it often comes as a surprise to couples that there are things that they do that trigger the safety circuitry of their spouse's brain. We can 'scare' our spouse by reacting in certain ways.ย  Your reactions might [...]

How to Help Your Spouse Calm Down2022-01-27T15:43:55-05:00

How to Rewire Your Brain


How to Rewire Your Brain Reactive cycles are set in motion by neural networks.ย  Thoughts create a neural trace, repeating a thought creates a network.ย  Neurons that fire together, wire together.ย  And most of us are operating in a control-oriented way.ย  We seek to be right instead of seeking to be connected to [...]

How to Rewire Your Brain2022-01-27T15:46:33-05:00

The Cause of Blowups, Shutdowns & Pain in a Marriage


What Really Causes Vicious Cycles in a Marriage? Book a time to speak with one of our Therapists Are you wondering what it is that causes blowups, shutdowns and other painful cycles in a marriage? Well, if you think it is your spouse, you would be wrong.ย  And it's not you, specifically, but [...]

The Cause of Blowups, Shutdowns & Pain in a Marriage2017-11-17T02:38:23-05:00
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