Have you suffered any of the following:

  • Betrayal of Trust (Lies about significant matters of the heart, finances, or other)
  • Abandonment
  • Emotional Affair
  • Sexual Affair
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Coercion or Manipulation
  • Gas Lighting

If you answered Yes to one or more of the above, you are likely suffering truama.  If you answered Yes to any of the above and have other traumas in your history, you may be suffering Complex Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress.

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We are traumatized when we see or experience an event that overwhelms our natural ability to cope.  A car accident, earthquake, terrorism or divorce changes our life in an instant.  But betrayal in a close relationship often overwhelms our senses, our coping, and sometimes our sense of God’s goodness and protection.

When the person who is supposed to love, nurture and protect us, is the one hurting us- our world implodes and we feel unsafe.  We often experience a personal, religious and life crisis.  When trauma symptoms set in, we are often overcome with rumination and hypervigilence that we can not control  And this sets us on a course of anxiety, panic and guilt.

We are wired to protest betrayal.  We can become angry and harsh as we try to wrap our minds around what we’ve just discovered and a complete undoing of what we thought we knew was true.  Pure Crisis!

Now is not the time to make a major life decision of ‘stay or go’.  We need to STABILIZE.

There is much at stake.

It’s no time to hire an inexperienced or general counselor.  You want an experienced and specialized counselor with years of successful experience.

Trauma changes the way we see ourselves, others and even our view of God.


  • “I feel trapped and can’t breathe.”
  • “I want to be left alone. It’s safer not to care.”
  • “It feels like there’s a clamp around my heart.”
  • “I’m so stupid. I should have known better.”
  • “I’m a fraud. If anyone ever finds out – it’s over.”
  • “I’m different and don’t fit in – anywhere.”
  • “My heart and mind aren’t on the same page.”
  • “My emotions are raw.”
  • “I can’t trust anyone.”

We are here to help you STABILIZE so that you can HEAL yourself and, if you choose, HEAL your relationship.  While it may seem impossible, healing from betrayal is our specialty.  Couples come back from infidelity and come back stronger.

It isn’t easy.

It is possible.

Don’t sweep this under the carpet, or wait for bitterness and resentment to get a foothold.  Call Today!