Healing from Infidelity

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Couples who have been traumatized by infidelity need an experienced marriage counselor with training in affair recovery. Infidelity is traumatic and causes significant emotional distress and family system disruption. I have co-led several weekend retreats locally, in Austin and South Africa. I am able to help stabilize the trauma and gently guide the hurting couple into relationship repair.

There are unique therapy needs of the Rebuilder who injured the marriage bond, and unique needs of the Betrayed. Our work together will look at the various stages of the marriage, what derailed the marriage and together we will create a plan to secure the marriage from any future intrusion.

This is not an easy process. Make an appointment today to begin your healing journey.

When repair is not an option, I can come alongside the couple to help them end well and stage both parents for success in future co-parenting and blending.

If your spouse has left the marriage, or if the infidelity or betrayal happened years ago, healing is still possible. I also work with survivors to heal from the scars of infidelity and betrayal.

Our couple clients who are in crisis and in need of a 3-day off-site intensive, we recommend the Hideaway experience.