Start your day by waking your immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems with the Sun Salutation stretch routine.ย  It is quick, easy and you’ll feel the immediate sense of grounding and invigoration!

Once you start the life energy flow, it is important to move the energy through the brain’s motor and cortical areas.ย  This EZ Tai Chi routine will increase alertness and attentiveness.

Mornings often speed by with tasks and busyness.ย  It is important to reconnect mind with body!ย  It’s time to tune inward and center. Listen in to your body!

Breakfast like a King, and lunch like a Prince.ย  It’s important to fuel the body and mind with intention and with purpose.ย  Here is a mindful eating exercise to ground yourself in the center of the day.

Dinner like a pauper.ย  You should feel light when you are ready for bed.ย  First, cleanse your lungs and your thoughts with deep breathing. Breathe out the negative, breathe in the positive.

A powerful mindfulness exercise that research shows resets the mind and improves life satisfaction.ย  Doing this guided imagery nightly will improve your mood and functioning.

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Accepting new COUPLE clients.

Terri Burns, MA-MFT, LMFT Associate

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Accepting new TEEN, ADULT, & COUPLE clients.