Saving a Failing Marriage When Divorce Seems Imminent

Are you wondering if there is a way to save a failing marriage where divorce seems imminent?

The answer is, Yes!

Although it seems quite unilkely to turn things around so dramatically when your relationship seems like it’s at the end of its rope, we have seen countless couples do a 180 and change the direction of their marriage.

Here are some articles for you on preventing divorce.

Here’s how:

To make a big turnaround, you need to make a big shift, not just in the way you behave and treat each other, but the way you view your relationship. You need a new level of awareness, an entirely new perspective that will make sense of your marriage conflict.ย  In our work together, you will experience a new, healthier version of your marriage.ย  You will experience the change that allows you to achieve the marriage you both want.ย  How long will it take?ย  How entrenched is your disconnect and conflict cycle?ย  If you have waited a long period and are in crisis, you may need weekly or intensive (more than one therapeutic hour) sessions.ย  But you should begin to feel relief within weeks.ย  Not unlike learning a new dance, you will have practice assignments between sessions that are important in creating the therapeutic momentum needed for a brief course of couples therapy.

You wouldn’t trust your health to just anybody.ย  When it comes to your marriage, the future of your family, your choice has to be about more than cost.ย  Choose a therapist that focuses their work and professional development on marriages and families.ย  Visit our client portal to select a therapist with available times that match your needs.

What if we need more than an hour a week?

When couples are in crisis or have entrenched negative patterns, and divorce seems imminent, weekly sessions aren’t enough.ย  You have the option of 2, 3 or 4-hour intensive sessions.ย  If you have any questions about intensives, feel free to call our director Elizabeth Davis, MA, LPC-S at 972.979.3988.

We believe in the power of the intensive experience to be able to understand how relationships work, how your conflict will prove to you that you’re actually in the right marriage, and what you can do to make your marriage a happy one. In addition to the education you will receive, you will also experience new processes that will help you see your spouse in a new way. You will know that change is possible when you feel heard and when you can talk about painful feelings or issues without storming out of the room.

Do Marriages Return from the Brink of Divorce?

Yes!ย  We’ve seen it!ย  We’ve watched couples fight and win for love!

If you are interested in participating in a 3-day weekend couples retreat that allows you to unplug from all your distractions and focus on your marriage, you may be interested in Embrace New Life’s Spring 2018 Couple’s Retreat.ย  At the retreat, you will be with other couples, two therapists, a therapy dog, and a retreat chaplain.ย  You will be led in both group, individual and nature exercises designed to help you leave with tools that you can forever use in strengthening your marriage.ย  Please email us for more details.