We treat mind and body at Embrace New Life.

Healthy life happens within and between Healthy M
inds and Bodies.

Our holistic approach to counseling includes the use of AACC Health & Wellness coaches for both subclinical needs as well as in support of therapeutic processes. Nature is God’s Pharmacy. Let us help you discover healing in foods, natural rhythms & a healthy mindset.

Physicians and nurses work hard to help those that are suffering from illness or disease. At Embrace New Life, Health & Wellness Coaches fill the gap of care by helping clients change lifestyle habits that contribute to illness or disease. Here are some facts:

70% of Deaths

are chronic conditions that are stress-related.

33% of Americans

suffer from dysregulated blood pressure.

30% of Illnesses

stem from dysregulated blood sugars.

13% of Doctors Visits

focus solely on illness, not on prevention.

3% of Medical Bills

show focus on illness, not on prevention.

We can help

you care for your health, naturally.

ENL Health & Wellness Coaches offer education & experientials
to help you pivot your behavior toward healthier habits.


We offer client-centered, individualized coaching.

Features include:

  • faith-based and secular roadmaps,
  • individualized sessions tailored to change behavior,
  • in-office & telehealth sessions,
  • coordination of care with therapists and physicians, &
  • more.


We offer individualized health & wellness experientials.

Activities may include:

  • local in-grocery store health tours,
  • in-office shared meals,
  • off-site cooking classes,
  • local nature walks & labyrinths,
  • coordination of care with dieticians & trainers &
  • more.


Discover what youโ€™re capable of with an ENL Life Coach!

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