Glad that’s over!

We made it! If 2020 showed us anything, it showed us what is important – each other. Family and other lifelong bonds are what help us stay resilient in the most uncertain and stressful times.

Next year will be different!

Many are asking the question,what’s next?‘ Some are asking with confidence and others, trepidation. At Embrace New Life we help families overcome challenges and move on to new heights. We did it in 2020, & we can do it again in 2021.

Imagine a Year from Today!

Happy Children!

Happy Children

Happy Marriage!

Happy Marriage

Rewarding Work!

Just think … one year ago today, we had no idea!

We had no idea the ways our children, our marriages and our work would be challenged.

Our Children!

Children in isolation

Our Marriages!

Our Work!

According to Cook Children’s and other area hospitals, depression, anxiety and hopelessness increased in our children, teens and young adults.

Loving bonds were challenged by adaptations to the pandemic – little ‘me’ time resulted in increases in hostility and aggression.

While many of us learned to Zoom, most missed the synergy from working with or on teams of people who share our professional goals.

We did in 2020 what we do best …

We helped our families PIVOT & THRIVE !

Play Therapy


If your child, teen or young adult struggles with the aftereffects of 2020, we can assist them overcome:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hopelessness
  • purposelessness
Couples Therapy


If your spouse or marriage struggles with the aftereffects of 2020, we can assist them overcome:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • criticism & conflict
  • life dissatisfaction
Life Coaching


If you are struggling in your career due to the aftereffects of 2020, we can
assist you gain:

  • clarity & direction
  • strategic momentum
  • improved resilience
  • achievement goals

Do you or your family need our help?

We have an amazing team of therapists that are hand-selected for their personal resilience, excellent education & training, ability to treat trauma, & their commitment to building strong families & strong communities.

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