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Embrace New Life’s HEART + SOUL Workshops are therapist and take a holisticย  approach to building strength and healing hurts from the inside out. These engaging workshops empower attendees to participate from their heart space with radical authenticity and genuine connection to build wiser, kinder and more REAL relationships. These workshops provide a faith-based therapeutic opportunity to heal.

Take a look at our 2018-19 Workshop Offerings:

women – in real life

Reclaim your identity! This group focuses on the unique challenges of working with, loving, living with and/or leaving someone who suffers from Narcissistic or other Personality Disorders. We will focus on providing support through identifying practical coping tools, learning how to apply these tools, and heal from these destructive relationships. All situations are unique, but together we can work together toward healing and empowerment.ย  Women ages 20+.

couples Master class

This group will focus on the latestย scientific findings in marriage. Couplesย will learn how to strengthen their bond,ย improve communication and heal any hurts. ย For all stages and ages.ย  (English group in January 2019)

Este grupo se enfocarรก en la รบltima hallazgos cientรญficos en el matrimonio. Parejas aprenderรก cรณmo fortalecer su vรญnculo, mejorar la comunicaciรณn y sanar cualquier duele. Para todas las etapas y edades. (Spanish/English group in October 2019)ย