How Embrace New LifeTM Can Help

We have seen countless marriages return from the brink of divorce to find renewed love.

We’ve seen marriages that have recently fallen into a negative pattern and marriages that have been in the negative pattern for years.  We’ve seen those plagued by contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling, and criticism return to the softer, kinder love that was the hallmark of the couple’s beginning.

Couples can be distracted by the idea of an ideal soulmate (no such thing), falling out of love (love at first sight is  an illusion), or incompatibility (research shows that opposites attract and that all couples miss 60-70% of our spouse’s attempt to connect (it’s about cooperation and not compatibility).

Here is some inspiration for you on preventing divorce.

Here’s how we get into marital trouble:

Embrace New Life utilizes evidence-based marriage therapy models based on research.  We base our work on the research of Drs. Gottman, Johnson, Ogden, Coan, van de Kolk, & Hendrix.  These provide a clear roadmap for couples to renew their relationship.  There are known steps that distance our hearts and there are known steps to return to love.  There are even known steps to infidelity, and we can reverse those as well.

We usually work with couples weekly.  Our work is intense and brief.  We average 12-15 sessions and work to provide you with tools that you can use to maintain gains.

Couples in crisis come weekly but often choose 2-hour slots.  The therapy hour is not always adequate to stabilize.

Couples is our primary focus.  We are happy to talk to you about what you relationship needs are.