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Does Marriage Counseling Work?


Couples often come to marriage or relationship counseling after trying to make changes on their own. Couples struggling with intimacy, communication, infidelity, or other issues often wonder if couples therapy or marriage counseling works. There are indeed couples who have succeeded and couples who have failed at overcoming challenges with counseling or [...]

Does Marriage Counseling Work?2022-05-14T13:13:32-05:00

Does Social Media Cause Depression?


Social Media & Depression In 2011, while working at the Eating Disorders program at Cooper Clinic in Dallas, talk was circulating between dieticians and clinical psychology staff about a study that had linked social media use to disordered eating.  The study out of Australia showed that within 30 seconds [...]

Does Social Media Cause Depression?2022-01-27T22:16:19-05:00
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