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How to Install a Pause Button in the Conflict


How to Install a Pause Button in the Conflict When you are in conflict with your spouse, you will find that you both have been caught in a powerful cycle.  Most marital conflict involves a fighter and a flighter. First, you have to notice with you or your spouse is in an 'F' [...]

How to Install a Pause Button in the Conflict2017-11-13T03:35:18-05:00

What’s your Love Language?


If everyone were like me, they'd love a book for their birthday, their anniversary, and for Christmas.  Books are just one of my passions.  But if I were to buy the people that I love books to celebrate them, I'd be speaking my love language, not necessarily theirs. Everyone has their own love language.  And [...]

What’s your Love Language?2017-06-01T15:57:27-05:00

Fighting for Love, Fighting for Family!


Are You Needing Help Reaching Your Spouse's Heart? If so, you've come to the right place.  There is never too much distance or pain that Christ can not heal.  You owe it to your children and your legacy to fight for love, to fight for family. New Beginnings “Because of the Lord’s great love we [...]

Fighting for Love, Fighting for Family!2017-05-14T22:34:36-05:00
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