Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation. ~Alan Autry

Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness, an exceptional private practice.

This is an exciting time for counseling and wellness: advances in neuroscience and psychology finally dissolve artificial distinctions between mind, body & soul. We aim to harness this evolving knowledge to build a better mental health approach that integrates holistic medicine, mindful practice, and psychological processes.

Our counseling center carries out this mission through research, education, clinical care, and private social service. We seek to understand better the causes of mental illness, behavioral challenges, and relational conflict to develop improved individual and community treatments and preventive measures. These activities encompass:

Basic and clinical psychotherapy
Naturopathic integration
Spiritual formation

As a team of dedicated clinicians focusing on quality and effective care, we do not function as a quasi-branch of a church or nonprofit, nor are we distracted by insurance company interests. We protect your care from all intrusive bias and focus on our shared humanity, healthy and unhealthy contexts, and state-of-the-art solutions. We apply our clinical expertise to clients of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to delivering the highest quality of clinical care, Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness advances kindness and civility for all humanity.

We are a multiple award-winning team.

Counseling for Children & Teens

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Expert Relationship Care

Wellness re(imagined). Reimagine your life, your relationships at Embrace!

The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence.

~Amos Alcott At Embrace, we employ research/therapy practitioners that guide the next generation of clinicians in validated psychological practice. Lived experience informs our innovation after it’s first tested. We offer services free of personal, religious & government bias. We provide professional, individual service at its best.

Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness is a teaching private practice.

Counseling services are our primary service, and education is our most important product. A teaching private practice is a private practice that partners with medical and psychology schools, education programs and research centers to improve mental health care through learning and research. By being at the forefront of counseling education and research innovations, teaching private practices tend to provide many advantages, including:

Improved quality of care
New treatments and innovative care
State-of-the-art evidence-based practice
Coordination of care between levels of care
Measured outcomes

The expertise of trained and experienced counselors

Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness is affiliated with a variety of hospitals and clinics. Embrace New Life clients directly benefit from the scientific and evidence-based protocols of our integrated and collaborative care. Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness is proud to have trained many graduate students, psychology residents, and professional counseling associates. Our training curriculum emphasizes the importance of psychological, spiritual, and sociocultural factors in understanding our clients, their children, teens, marriages, and families.

How Is Care Different at a Teaching Private Practice?

At Embrace, your child, teen, marriage and family will receive care from many specialists, including social workers, marriage & family therapists, professional counselors and wellness coaches. As part of the training and education process, practicum students (graduate students who are beginning their applied practice after completing their graduate coursework and comprehensive examinations) may be part of your Embrace care team. These practicum students provide client care under the direct supervision of a seasoned, highly trained therapist responsible for training the next generation of clinicians.

Professional, Innovative Care

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Hospital trained, Family-trusted.

We care for your family as if it were our own!

The rest of Amos Alcott’s quote …

“He inspires self-trust.”

At Embrace New Life / Counseling & Wellness, our clinicians and our graduate practicum students are inspired by the science gleaned from research and are energized by the direct application of this in innovative psychotherapy practice.

Our clinicians and graduate students model inspiration and professional confidence that translates to greater client self-trust, confidence and health. Start your healing journey today! Start at Embrace!

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